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The Next Big Thing

I had the pleasure of working with the talented Rebecca Hazelton when D.A. Powell selected her poem “Book of Janus” for Best New Poets 2011. Rebecca was kind enough to tag me to participate in “The Next Big Thing,” in which writers tag other writers to post self-interviews on Wednesdays, until the interwebs are (is?) … Continue reading


Slavery as a Chronotope in Edward P. Jones’s The Known World

In the novel The Known World, Edward P. Jones explores slavery’s influence on individuals and material objects in the context of characters’ conflicting conceptions of time. Slavery acts as Bakhtinian chronotope, a system in which time and space are interdependent and responsive to each other. Though the death of black slaveowner Henry Townsend acts as … Continue reading


Collapsed Time, Restaging and Repetition in Charlie Kaufman’s “Synecdoche, New York”

In his article “McTaggart at the Movies,” Gregory Currie argues for the tenselessness of images in film and the presence, instead, of “temporal relations.” In other words: there is no past, present, or future, at least not in relation to the movie-watcher. But what we see can have order. Things can come before, during, or … Continue reading


Tourist Poems

Today’s offering from Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac is one of those odd little poems that impels the reader to do something sweet, strange and bold. It has the added bonus of giving you some great advice on where to get your caffeine if you’re ever in Seattle. On a rainy day in Seattle stumble … Continue reading